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What a Battle !! !

The battle is now over but will remain in our memories for a good while! the colours, the kites, the Sups, the flying things, the smiles of all there on the beach, the beach, the blue sky and shining sun… Lets not get too emotional wink emoticon but yes the Battle for the Bay 9th Edition was the best we ever had at all the different aspects:
the Sport: All the conditions were present to run each of our events,
the Show: the music, the Art, the rhythm from Friday afternoon till Sunday night!
the Vibes: everyone present on the beach or at night was part of the success of the legendary mighty Craic!
The friendliness and the Coolness.. and the Pure Magic!
Anyway A Battle for the Bay is the collaboration of many and we would really like to thank couple of people… Sit down and we hope we dont forget anyone!
First of All,
THANK YOU TO ALL THE RIDERS who competed. THANK YOU to be the real heroes of the Battle and THANK YOU to push the limits of our sport and showcasing such incredible level! You are all the ROCK STARS! Keep pushing, keep pushing!!!
SPECIAL THANKS for our 4 Ambassadors: Jade O Connor, Katie McKenna, Peter Kosinski and Nick Davies for…just being themselves!
A HUGE THANK YOU to our main Sponsors-Partners who make this event possible: Dublin City Council, Martina, Ursula, Leslie, Mick and all the Dollymount Beach team of Pat!
BIG THANK to Mary, Mark, Colin and all at Failte Ireland to share our vision and allow us to grow the event in such a positive Way!
THANK YOU to our great sponsors including Generator hostel and Parrot. One is throwing the best parties in town while the other is throwing the best drones in the air! thanks a lot guys to be part of the magic!
SPECIAL THANK YOU to Kathryn, Clare and all at SPIN103.8 for their incredible support, before, during and after the event! We love you guys! Keep spinning the Magic!
THANK YOU to Eamon, Jessica and all the Redbull team. you give us some wings for sure and we all fly very high!
THANK YOU to our partners who bring their touch to the sport event:
Paul and all at IRISHSUP without whom we would not be here today with the Dublin Bay SUP Classic. A real powerhouse especially on Sunday night.
Steve and Christophe and all the SNK-KBC Tour crew for their loyalty to Ireland to bring back the Tour for the 3rd time AND always manage to come back home completely burnt! Thanks to always bring your top skills to run such an event!
Colin, Nina and all the Wakedock team to organise the Mystic Big Air in town…and this will grow big time next year! What a show down there! Defo want to bring a floating bar next year though!
Pete and all the IPKSA Team for their fantastic presence and professionalism on the LandYacht and Kitebuggy section! Special thanks to Alan for giving me a faster Yacht against the brother wink emoticon.
Miriam and all the Volleyball Ireland Team, for joining the beach fun and fullfill their promises to entertain us with professional players in bikini! Well done Team America and Ireland for the Finals!
Ivan and Slackline Ireland for their impressive skills and demonstrations on those crazy lines! next year higher and longer promised!
Paul and the JUMPNI Parkour Team to bring their fitness and acrobatic vision… next time we will try to put DJ mAnu on those obstacles!
Don and all the Team at CityKayaking for their incredible work and preparation for the Liffey Work: guys it was a pleasure to work with you for this first edition and I can tell you you are in trouble for next edition already!!!
Keith, Conrad and all at ExtremeIreland/ Whiskey Museum for their amazing support for the Shuttle and the SUP fantastic bus on Sunday morning. Dermot as special magic driver was amazing too!
Warren Vance and all at IKSA team to promote Kiteboarding in Ireland and being great ambassadors for the sport.
All the Pure Magic Water Team, Tof, Bruno, Augustin, Kagoon, Julien, Ronnieboy and all the friends and volunteers who were helping on the water all day all weekend! thanks for your professionalism
All the Water Rescue team including Mikee Hamilton, our favorite Waterman legend and all the fantastic team of Larry and the CLontarf Yacht CLub. A BIG HUGE THANK YOu to Local hero Collie Murphy for organising the PowerLOVEboat on the Liffey and the FireTRuck with the big water rinsing device ( that Rachel Doogue was fond of by the way)
THANK YOU to all above for sharing our passion for the sports, the Extreme sports in general and THANK YOU AGAIN for putting your little touch of magic in the Battle!
THANK YOU NOW to All our sponsors and Top Brands who support the event for so many years:
Chris and Cabrinha winning team, you need more respect from your riders on the race!
Scott and Mystic team, what a great support again this year and your involvement in the BIg Air+ organising Nick Davies visit always a treat!
Emma and North Team, as usual, superb to have you down here and spreading the love from North…with many Irish top athletes wink emoticon
Jennifer and Best Team, even though you could not be on the beach you were present in our spirits and many Best kites were flying during the weekend!
Tom and all the Ozone team, welcome to the 1st time for the Battle! great having you here and try the Zephyr mad light wind kite!
Neil and all the REdPADDLE CO team for their incredible presence and help during the SUP Event! Lets keep pumping it guys!
THANK YOU GUYS for coming in Ireland and pushing the event forward, and THANK you for bring our partners all year long representing the best products on the market! you ROCK!
SPECIAL THANKS to WAinMAN HAWAII for their first visit at the Battle and thanks for bringing Super star Alvaro! Great pleasure having you there and this is only the beginning!
THANK YOU to all the sponsors who gave us so much to make the Battle even more magic: Tony and IrishVent/Ace Pallets, Dave from the BramStoker aka the Kite bar wink emoticon, Andrius with all the energy bars who kept us going all weekend, our local CLontarf bike shop for the rides,
THANK YOU, HUGE THANK YOU to all the music and starting by our best very best DJ MANU, not only he was mixing but he was putting some Decibels and all his sound system on the beach, on the barge, on the bar… A Battle would not be a Battle without him
BIG MASSIVE THANKS to MR BLACK and all the King KonG stage and Artists/ BAnds. Thanks so much for putting your live music on DOllymount that was as cool as it can be!!! We see you again next year before you get too big! wink emoticon
BOUM BOUM THANK YOU to special feature of BFTB2015 KAMIL the mad beatbox from Achill/ Sligo…is there anything to add about your performance??? wink emoticon
WARM THANKS to Ellen and Eduardo and all at “Allweneedislove” team for the amazing music night at the Generator!
A VERY HIGH THANK YOU to all the drone Team, Philippe and Julien from PARROT and also the famous insane trio Declan, Damien and Oisin from CopterShop & HHHHH… IflyTechnology: THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for recording the magical vision and also entertaining us…day or night!
THANK You for everyone beind the Lens, immortalising the glorious sunny days: PAul Doogue from the Doolussi family, Cian McKenna and big Smoke team! Welcome to KitePIX crew to come and big thoughts to Expix team who could not be here but …were here with us wink emoticon
VERY KIND THANK YOU to NIamh and Agnieska from the Biodiversity Village promoting MAn and Nature, a big Love story! and Nice thanks from Surfrider Foundation for all their support too!!! our planet is too beautiful to forget about her!
THANK YOU to all the volunteers of course who helped so hard all the way. Helping so much behind the scene or in the car park under an extreme Sun, or at the earliest hours Special thanks go for YAssin for some unexpected dancing moves!
THANK YOU to Brian and all the team of ORDER OF MALTA for being present again and again and looking after our little scratches
THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the security and the Gardai Present on the Battle to ensure everything was running smooth. We promise you next year we will provide sun cream!
THANK YOU to all the food Traders and the KID activities! thanks to you We believe the small..and less small ones all had a great time on the Beach! Special THANKS to Mr BLACK ( again) , TERESA from Pure Magic Achill and MAgs from Cuckoo to help on the Village
SPECIAL THANK YOU to Magda from MagdaCwik for her truly unique eyes and art…
AND THANKS to Gary, Yaz from READS and CJ for all the printing love to…spread the love wink emoticon
THANK YOU to DR LOVE, for being Dr Love but also the doctor on site all weekend! yes it has to be said!
THANK YOU To Brian and all his fantastic BWS EVENT Management team, Peter, and all the guys involved in making our dreams come true! Many hours spent for just a weekend …but what a weekend! it was YES YES YES wink emoticon
MAGIC THANKS YOU for TERESA and all her PURE MAGIC ACHILL TEAM, Bruno, Kagoon, Augustin for bringing the power from the West!
MAGIC THANKS to all the PURE MAGIC HOWTH TEAM, with our international and enthusiastic smiling machine TATI COCO! You rock Tati! viva el SUP!
MAGIC THANKS to the best of the best of PURE MAGIC TEAM DUBLIN with Catherine and Totof who are the real magicians and who hold everything together in all this journey! thanks for making all those crazy ideas happening and keeping the magic growing year after year!
And of course VERY SPECIAL AND LAST THANKS to our family and closest friends, especially the brother/MC/Entertainer Chris, for being there when we need them!
I hope we didnt forget anyone… if we did please forgive us and we will amend the list but you got the message,
THANK YOU everyone and see you all the BATTLE FOR THE BAY 2016 … 10th EDITION! MAY 27-29th 2016
… or before for maybe more mighty craic projects!!!
life is Pure Magic,
F and the Magicians

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Dollymount, Ireland – 16th – 17th May 2020


The event takes place on Dollymount Beach at Bull Island, Clontarf/ Raheny, Dublin 3/5. – Google Map

Wind conditions at Dollymount are generally very good, the beach is considered to be one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world! And is on the doorstep of Dublin’s city centre.

It is a magical spot with the beautiful surroundings of the nature reserve at Bull Island and the occasional flaming sunset colors. Shallow waters and 4 km of sandy beaches makes this spot a heaven for kitesurfers. Thanks to the local authorities and the action of IKSA, KItesurfing has been growing there in a very sustainable way and it is with great pride that we try to keep it like that! When the wind dies, Bull Island is the perfect heaven for Stand-up Paddle boarders, cruise around the island, surf the Ferry Wave or Explore the majestic Ireland ‘s Eye!

Keep safe and respect your environment! Please leave no trace.