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THANK YOU for the most magical Battle ever!!!

Magic does exist

Dear Partners, Dear Friends, dear Public, dear Riders!

What a fantastic weekend!! Did you feel it? Did you see it? Did you hear it? Something Money cannot buy…

Was it the sun?
Was it the energy of all the VIPS, especially the Hawaiians?
Was it the peaceful family atmosphere or the extreme Watersport show?
Was it the amazing music?
Was it the smiles on the faces of more than 65,000 visitors?
Was it just the Irish Luck or a special present for our 10th Anniversary?

We call it ‘the Pure Magic!’ It was made, not just by us, but by you and us together! This was one of the most magical experiences we ‘ve ever had and what a pleasure to share with you all!

SPORT RESULTS will be published in the different sections (Kite/ SUP / Volley etc…) Well done to all the Competitors! The KBC Tour could not be fully confirmed due to “too sunny conditions” while SUPing conditions were just PERFECT! we witnessed such a epic fight on the water!!!

To our generous sponsors and partners, this event made us feel very proud and honoured to be working with you. THANK YOU SO MUCH and CONGRATULATIONS for your amazing work everyone!

As they say, this is not about the destination but about the journey. Well, in our case this is a bit of both and through these words we would like to sincerely say a massive huge THANK you to all of you.
Thank you since the very first moment we have been chatting about the project, when sometimes things sounded bizarre or unclear.
Thank you for developing the project and making evolve the ideas. There were so many ideas
Thank you for spending all your time and energy, before during and after
Thank you for believing in this project, there are not 2 like that in the world! This is truly a unique event we are lucky to be involved with you!
Thank you for bringing all your experience and professionalism. No matter what you were doing, the whole music of our concert was depending on each single musician and everyone did play the perfect tunes. The Final Music was brilliant. Like the music, you know when things sound right! It sounded all so lovely!

Thank you for your art, we believe everyone there was an artist, a craft man and from the smile of the security crew to the designs of Samuel the Beach Art Champion, from the Music of Keiron Black to the organization of Brian Waters, and the list is so so so long, we were all assisting to some fine Art display.

Thank you for your support. We would not be here without you

Thank you for your craziness… Yes this is a bit crazy for most of you to get involved on Dollymount Beach, from Sponsoring the event to set up a stall or building a stage… from travelling from Hawaii just for 3days to firing a Fireworks display in the city from the water etc…but how crazy it seems do we all realize how we proudly participate to change the perception of people. This was a real invitation to see things differently, to appreciate Dublin and Ireland with a different eye, with a very responsible eye ( little wink for the Biodiversity Village there). This feeling is very enjoyable and we hope you experienced it too! This is our little mission, a bit like some legacy, to leave to the future generations. Viva Dollymount!!! Sunny or rainy, she is a very special Lady

Thank you for your generosity. We do know many of you did us some huge favors, some huge supports or made some financial compromise to make things happen. We will always fight hard to make things easier and easier in the future. This is happening.

We shall see you all very soon for more Magic!

Next big event will be the Battle for the Burning Lake on Achill Island at the end of September… on the wild very wild Atlantic Way!

Battle for the Bay 2017 dates will be announced very soon, with the official Video from this year’s event.

BOUMmmm as we love to say, Life is Pure Magic

Your team,


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Instagram: lifeispuremagic

Dollymount, Ireland – 25th – 26th May 2019


The event takes place on Dollymount Beach at Bull Island, Clontarf/ Raheny, Dublin 3/5. – Google Map

Wind conditions at Dollymount are generally very good, the beach is considered to be one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world! And is on the doorstep of Dublin’s city centre.

It is a magical spot with the beautiful surroundings of the nature reserve at Bull Island and the occasional flaming sunset colors. Shallow waters and 4 km of sandy beaches makes this spot a heaven for kitesurfers. Thanks to the local authorities and the action of IKSA, KItesurfing has been growing there in a very sustainable way and it is with great pride that we try to keep it like that! When the wind dies, Bull Island is the perfect heaven for Stand-up Paddle boarders, cruise around the island, surf the Ferry Wave or Explore the majestic Ireland ‘s Eye!

Keep safe and respect your environment! Please leave no trace.