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Yes this is official,
You can NOW Book your seat online for the 2015 Battle!
Limited seats for the Boarder Cross and the Liffey SUP and only the 50 first come first served lucky ones will be able to fight for the title:
one link:

We will be VERY STRICT with timing and the insurance ( especially for IKSA Members who have been well behaved at Tyrella wink emoticon Keep on the good work) .
Dont miss the magic please!
KITEBOARDING: KBC Tour: Open to all, the Boarder Cross Slalom Kite series will be ran over the 2 days saturday and Sunday. WITH a Special training for all registered riders on Friday afternoon…because we love you and we think jumping over sausage is fun…but also cause you have no longer any excuse on the weekend! Learn the tricks with our Pros how to manage the stress of your heat, and also have the chance to get some demo on that day!
FOR First timers or people AFRAID of big sausages, slalom series will be also ran during the weekend.
The most important thing is Safety and Fun for all the participants so dont worry if you are not the world champ! If weather allows, we will run a mini freestyle event for Juniors and maybe a massive ” all together Slalom”.
STAND-UP PADDLEBOARDING: you can check all the info on the Dublin Bay SUP Classic. All the event is happening on Dollymount but as you know, this year we invade the Liffey for a “Premiere”. Sit down on your seat: Sunday morning the departure from Dollymount beach will be at 6:45am in a very special BUS. Every Rider must be present in that bus as you can park your car on the beach ( reserved area) and then you are fully looked after. For all boards and equipment, you will liaise with Paul and we can take your board from Saturday, or just bring it in the bag on Sunday morning.
START RACE 8am SHARP on the LIffey, at @citykayaking pontoon.
For people renting boards from their school friends ( IrishSUP, Pure Magic, Pete, Surfdock or RedPaddle or JP directly) Please check with them but EVERYONE MUST BE IN THAT BUS… dont worry you can sleep in it, its a very special one thanks to our friends from Extreme Ireland / Irish Day Tours and this is a trip within a trip. Your board, wetsuit paddle lifejacket, camera and towel is all you need!
WAKEBOARDING: Please contact Wakedock for registration for the Friday event and just throw yourself on that kick ass kicker with Nick Davies and the Mystic Gang…
LANDYACHTING-KITEBUGGYING: Book your seat with Paul and the @IPKSA Team for all the details. Demos will be available with Ozone Paragliders. Races and Fun Both day Saturday and Sunday on DOllymount
BEACH VOLLEY TOUR: All registration as per the POster and join the @beachvolleyballireland team…and dont forget your bikini and suncream!

As you Know we are very happy to be able to use Dollymount beach thanks to Dublin city Council. The beach on the causeway side is now closed for Public but very exceptionally there will be a Car park ( left handside of roundabout) for all competitors and STAFF only! As soon as you are registered your name will be on a list and you will be given a Tag for the day, ensuring you can park 1 CAR or VAN (thats it!) on the beach… yes you still need to walk couple of meters to reach the main event site but I hope you will appreciate the effort from the Council and ourselves…we dont want you to be too tired before competing
PS: there will be a shuttle going back and forth all day during the event between CLontarf Road and the RoundAbout… So you can say your friends or mates they can come with bus or leave your car near St Annes!
Have a great, fun and safe event everyone and lets give the Maximum of yourself!
More info to come and dont hesitate to ask question to each of your event organiser…if you have any!
Here is the registration again:

Good luck to all,
Your Battle friends,

Dollymount, Ireland – 16th – 17th May 2020


The event takes place on Dollymount Beach at Bull Island, Clontarf/ Raheny, Dublin 3/5. – Google Map

Wind conditions at Dollymount are generally very good, the beach is considered to be one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world! And is on the doorstep of Dublin’s city centre.

It is a magical spot with the beautiful surroundings of the nature reserve at Bull Island and the occasional flaming sunset colors. Shallow waters and 4 km of sandy beaches makes this spot a heaven for kitesurfers. Thanks to the local authorities and the action of IKSA, KItesurfing has been growing there in a very sustainable way and it is with great pride that we try to keep it like that! When the wind dies, Bull Island is the perfect heaven for Stand-up Paddle boarders, cruise around the island, surf the Ferry Wave or Explore the majestic Ireland ‘s Eye!

Keep safe and respect your environment! Please leave no trace.