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Introducing GIBBON Slacklines:

GIBBON believes in balance for the mind and body, delivering improvement to everyday life! Thereby they work on inspiring individuals to build their confidence to continuously push themselves and grow beyond their current physical limits. Since 10 years, GIBBON is the global leader in the design, development and marketing of slacklines and balance products for fun, sport and physical fitness.

Slacklining in the past used to be a bad weather side activity for climbers at base camps starting in the Yosemite Valley in the early 70s. It was technically very complex from the beginning and therefore did not find access to the general public. In 2007 GIBBON addressed this situation by creating a simple to install 2 part system, including a ratchet and increasing the width. Today
Slacklining has spread in various fields of purpose and interest. Whether as a socializing leisure lifestyle activity with friends in the park, family fun in the back yard, an outdoor adventure product
ranging from a great accessory when backpacking down to walking long distances and crossing ravines or even with tricklining as it´s own freestyle funsport with world championships at a high competitive level Slacklining has many ways to address. It ranges even to the point where it is used in fitness and therapy.

Often Slacklining is still perceived as an activity for gifted people. The Global City Balance Challenge is an initiative with as simple plan: To prove that balance can be achieved by anyone! “It´s pretty much like learning to ride a bike” With the right approach it is achievable in a very short time and it is very rewarding plus it helps to find one´s core stability in avoiding injuries in everyday life. And once you gain the skill you don´t lose it! The challenge for the city is to get in one day as many people as possible to balance for 10sec on a Slackrack (10ft long and 30cm high, free standing slackline structure. By today already cities across the globe are taking part in this challenge. Amongst these are New York, Tokyo, Munich, Lausanne and Wellington plus many more. Check out GIBBON´s website for more details to take part: city-balance-challenge- 2017-2/

To learn how to slackline GIBBON has developed a free App with video tutorials on learning how to balance on a slackline, gaining skills and tricks and how to use Slacklines to stay fit. Available on
Android and IOS:


Dollymount, Ireland – 16th – 17th May 2020


The event takes place on Dollymount Beach at Bull Island, Clontarf/ Raheny, Dublin 3/5. – Google Map

Wind conditions at Dollymount are generally very good, the beach is considered to be one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world! And is on the doorstep of Dublin’s city centre.

It is a magical spot with the beautiful surroundings of the nature reserve at Bull Island and the occasional flaming sunset colors. Shallow waters and 4 km of sandy beaches makes this spot a heaven for kitesurfers. Thanks to the local authorities and the action of IKSA, KItesurfing has been growing there in a very sustainable way and it is with great pride that we try to keep it like that! When the wind dies, Bull Island is the perfect heaven for Stand-up Paddle boarders, cruise around the island, surf the Ferry Wave or Explore the majestic Ireland ‘s Eye!

Keep safe and respect your environment! Please leave no trace.