Battle For The Bay

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Friday – HW 18.04 3.4
Saturday – HW 06.16 3.4 LW 12.33 1.1
Sunday – HW 07.21 3.5 LW 13.25 00.9


Friday May 19th – WORLD Dragon Racing 6.30pm. Clontarf Yacht CLub
Saturday May 20th – Kids Race 3.30pm, Technical Beach Race 4.30pm.
Sunday May 21st – Liffey Crossing 8.00am, Survivor 4.00pm.

Board Classification:
Up to 14ft. 10’6 for the kids races.


Technical sprints are generally short (3-5km) and require racers to perform several buoy turns, surf into shore, and, in some cases, a running sprint along the beach.
You will often hear the word “carnage” in the description of these types of races as racers commonly fall, crash, and smash into one another in a tangle of boards, paddles, and flesh as they return through the surf. You’ll be glad to hear that Dollymount rarely has conditions that will cause this type of carnage!!
These races are as much about technical skill as they are about fitness. The fittest racer does not always win. Rather the racer with the most fitness, and the best all-around SUP board handling, drafting, turning, racing, and surfing skill (as well as a bit of luck) will win the race.
Although these races are short, they should not be considered sprint races. These races are endurance events that require a sustained aerobic effort and repeated anaerobic efforts to get through the surf, around buoys, and charge the finish line.
## All SUP board classes to 12’6ft allowed in this event. Leash and PFD mandatory!



The Jamie Mitchell Survivor Race format is becoming very popular, with several events around the world including it in their schedule. For the uninitiated the format is pretty simple:
– Le Mans style start: Begin standing next to you board on the waterline, run and grab your paddle that’s stuck in the sand 10 metres up the beach, then run back, grab your board and start paddling.
– Short course race around buoys, either in flat water or through the surf.
– Every competitor starts together, with back-to-back heats whittling the field down to a final round of 4-6 paddlers.
– There are only two to three minute breaks between heats, with the clock starting from when the first paddler crosses the line.
It’s an exciting form of SUP racing for spectators and a gruelling workout for the paddlers. There’s practically no rest between each round, so if you’re lucky enough to make it all the way to the final (which usually involves around 5 knockout heats) you’re absolutely flogged.
## Up to 14ft. 10’6 for the kids races.


At this year’s Dublin Bay Classic Red Paddle Co will be running Ireland’s first ever Red Paddle Co Kids race event .
The event will be held on Dollymount Saturday afternoon. It is aimed at children aged 14 and under and will comprise of a short technical course with plenty of heats and opportunities to work your way back through the field if you have a bad race. The event will be run by IRISH SUP racer Peter Kosinski.
The maximum board length will be 10’6″ so anyone with a Max Race will be fine to enter!
## Boards, leash and paddles will be provided for this event, please bring your own PFD if you have one.


This year for the second time we are taking our Inflatable SUP Racing to the City Centre. A limited number of 100 Lucky SUP Racers will get the opportunity to race under the iconic Dublin bridges between the East Link and the DCC offices on the Sunday Morning.
More details will be announced soon. We plan to start the race at 8AM
You don’t want to miss out on your entry for this one!


Teams consisting of both Kiters and SUPpers will join forces to race a short fun course. Whether you’re a first timer or an accomplished paddler, everybody turns into little kids when they get on the Red Paddle XL MONSTER SUPs… It is so much fun!!! And even if you wipe out, the 17-foot-long, vinyl raft makes for a soft landing.
Grab a group of your friends and get ready for some huge fun!

Event Schedule



The ‘Dragon World Series’ is the first dedicated global team racing series which will see teams battling it out in national qualifiers. From these events, the best teams will advance to go head to head at the inaugural Dragon World Championships due to take place later next year! To find out more visit: .
The Red Dragon opens SUP to the world of team racing where it is equally exciting to paddle or spectate. The Red Dragon brings intense, close racing close to shore. Its profiled nose, slim body and high sides, teamed with the power of eight arms driving the paddles through the water, guarantees the 22’0” Dragon will be the fastest board on the water.
This Fun Event is open to all but miminum Paddling level is required.

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Dollymount, Ireland – 20th – 21st May 2017


The event takes place on Dollymount Beach at Bull Island, Clontarf, Dublin 3. – Google Map

Wind conditions at Dollymount are generally very good, the beach is considered to be one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world! And is on the doorstep of Dublin’s city centre.

It is a magical spot with the beautiful surroundings of the nature reserve at Bull Island and the occasional flaming sunset colors. Shallow waters and 4 km of sandy beaches makes this spot a heaven for kitesurfers. Thanks to the local authorities and the action of IKSA, KItesurfing has been growing there in a very sustainable way and it is with great pride that we try to keep it like that! When the wind dies, Bull Island is the perfect heaven for Stand-up Paddle boarders, cruise around the island, surf the Ferry Wave or Explore the majestic Ireland ‘s Eye!

Keep safe and respect your environment! Please leave no trace.